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The 2020 ASCE Student Southeast Conference will be held at our very own University of Central Florida. It is designed to have students represent their university through Civil Engineering competitions while helping expand their network with fellow students, professors, and companies. It includes business meetings, professional/technical presentations, competitions, social activities and an awards banquet.

 Listed below are the competitions for last year’s 2019 Conference.

2019 Competitions

Concrete Canoe

Civil Engineering students are challenged to an intercollegiate competition that supplements their education with a comprehensive, student-driven project experience  from conception and design through fabrication, erection, and testing, culminating in a  steel structure that meets client specifications and optimizes performance and economy. The Student Steel Bridge Competition increases awareness of real-world engineering issues such as spatial constraints, material properties, strength, serviceability, fabrication and erection processes, safety, aesthetics, project management, and cost. Success in competition requires application of engineering principles and theory, and effective teamwork. Future engineers are stimulated to innovate, practice professionalism, and use structural steel efficiently.

Captains: Misael Rangel and Domenic Tompkins

Professional Paper

The Professional Paper competition abides by the ASCE Daniel W. Mead Prize for Students criteria. Students participating in the regional event are encouraged to enter the national competition.

2019 TOPIC:

In 2017, ASCE added a new canon, Canon 8. What value does this Canon add to the civil engineering profession and student chapters?


Design and build a model wrapped faced mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall using kraftpaper reinforcement. A sandbox will be created out of wood to hold the GeoWall.

Captain: Bailey Martin

Come Together

The UCF ASCE Student Chapter will “come together” and create a hit music video about an engineering-service project that we will completed before conference!  Join us and volunteer at the Odyssey of the Mind, March 2nd to be part of our music video production!

Concrete Concerto

Create concrete cylinders to play bocce ball in a bracket style tournament. Cylinders will be designed to be strong enough to withstand impact yet light enough for distance throwing and rolling.

Captain: Sean Morrissey

Enter Sandman

A Geotechnical Competition where you design a non-destructive void detection device to determine soil voids in 20-30 Ottawa sand. You will have 30 minutes to detect sand voids without penetrating the sand.

Captain: Durwood Outlaw

The Rocking Dead

A team of up to 4 members are tasked to design a water filtration system to remove the “contaminants” which will consist of food-grade materials (e.g. coffee grounds, corn starch).

Captain: Arnittar Kanya

Like A Rolling Stone

Groups will find a gravel-sized rock in a laboratory flume. The rock’s dimensions and characteristics aren’t a complete unknown, but groups will create a spreadsheet to aid in estimating the discharge rate.

Captain: Matthew Trzeciak

On Tour

Groups will use surveying equipment to triangulate an inaccessible point.

Captain: Brian Perez

Pothole Pitch

A team containing 2-4 members will pave a corn hole board using asphalt or Portland cement, and then decorate the board to match a road transportation-themed song. 2 members will then play in a corn hole tournament.


Patrick Sullivan

Shake It Off

A team of as many people that are interested will create a 10-15 story model made out of balsa and plywood to withstand a simulated earthquake being generated by a shake table.

Captain: Jacob Miller

Sight Reading

A team containing up to 3 members are tasked with answering a series of technical questions about project organization, drawing sets, scales, standard symbols, and abbreviations.

Captain: Jennifer Sands

T-shirt Competition

Promote the conference theme and school spirit by sending in t-shirt design ideas. Designs will be judged based on the following: conference theme, school pride, civil engineering pride, uniqueness.

Captain: Sarah Schweikhart 

Innovation Contest

The student chapter submission must fall under one of the Global Competition Topics:

■2019 Topics for submission are: (see here for more detail)
■Internet of Things (IoT)
■Sustainable Engineering
■Next Generation Transportation
■Improvements in Clean Water
■New Construction Materials & Methodology
■Submission includes a Poster and a Live “Shark Tank” Pitch.

For students interested in gaining additional information and/or support for this contest;  Informational Webinar: Jan 22nd 2PM

Sustainable Solutions

The 2019 Sustainable Solutions Competition challenges student teams to design and build a temporary shelter which can house a displaced dog during the aftermath of a disaster or emergency. Disasters and emergencies can include earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, or other situations which displays populations. Along with satisfying programmatic and structural design criteria, the building must employ sustainable design and construction practices. Successful teams must demonstrate creativity and innovation to achieve their objectives, exemplifying the strategic goals of ASCE. Completed shelters will be donated to local animal rescue groups to make a lasting impact on the welfare of dogs where teams live, work, and study.

The competition will consist of a technical paper, presentation/interview, and construction of the shelter. An unlimited amount of people are allowed to help in the design, but a team of 4 will be required for the build portion.

Captain: Amaya Bajorek