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conference shirt

Every year ASCE-UCF participates in the Southeast Student Conference. Attendance is expected to be over 1000 students and professionals from schools and companies located in Florida, Puerto Rico, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. All 55+ of our student participates will be wearing conference shirt during the 3-day long event, offering one of our best advertising opportunities!    

Design to be announced!

Committee shirt

This year ASCE-UCF is proud to introduce our new committee chairs. We have created 20 new positions to help our members take up a leadership role and shadow our officers. All committee members will receive a new committee shirt every year, offering great advertisement opportunities around UCF and at our events!

CONFERENCE SHIRT$750 ($15 X 50)$375 ($7.50 X 50)$250 ($5 X 50)
COMMITTEE SHIRT$300 ($15 X 20)$150 ($15 X 20)$100 ($5 X 20)


concrete canoe

steel bridge

Sponsorship opportunities for our Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge competitions can be found bundled in our respective sponsorship bundles


Our website advertisements include a company logo under our “Join Our Team” page. All new members will pass through this page as they sigh up to join our student chapter. Your logo will also appear on our webcourses page, a page all our members currently use to receive announcements and updates.

Our newsletter advertisements include a company logo on our monthly ASCE-UCF newsletter. Our newsletter will be sent to over 300 current and past members each month.

One of the main goals of our Student Chapter is to help our members find some amazing internship opportunities. Keeping this goal in mind, any advertisement for available internship positions are FREE. Opportunities can be sent to ASCE.UCF@gmail.com and will be advertised on our website under “Career Opportunities”.


Our current trailer, which we use to bring all our competition materials to the yearly ASCE Southeast Student Conference, is reaching the end of its lifespan. We plan of purchasing a new trailer this year and are happy to re-introduce sponsorship opportunities to advertise on the side of our new trailer!

Please pick the maximum fit area for your advertisement. For example, if your logo is 1’ by 1.5’, please choose a medium logo size. Note, the trailer above is not the guaranteed size of our new trailer, it is currently an estimate used to display how large your advertisements will be.

SMALL1′ X 1′$250
MEDIUM1.5′ X 1.5′$350
LARGE2′ X 2′$450

general club sponsorship packages

Concrete canoe

ASCE-UCF has a long-standing history of competing in the Concrete Canoe Competition, one of the biggest competitions at the Southeastern Student Conference. The Concrete Canoe Team designs and builds an entirely new concrete canoe every year… and yes, it floats!

Upon completion, the canoe is then raced against other colleges within the region. Additionally, the team must consider the costs and sustainability of their canoe design. Concrete Canoe presents an excellent opportunity for students to work on a project beyond the classroom from design to completion while leaning how to balance costs with practical engineering. The Concrete Canoe Team aims to ensure success by fostering teamwork, educating new members, and strategic planning.

concrete Canoe sponsorship levels

Steel bridge

The Student Steel Bridge

Competition is an AISC created event, hosted by ASCE at their yearly conferences. This very large competition is first competed regionally and then goes onto nationals for those winners. The competition challenges students to design, fabricate, and compete their bridges against other schools in a very competitive scene. For the competition, AISC releases construction rules and design constraints for schools to follow. Then on competition day, each bridge is ranked based on things such as deflection, weight, and assembly time. In previous years, ASCE-UCF has ranked top multiple times in these different categories and have won regionals. For the forthcoming competition, we are learning and improving on all methods used in the past to continue to maintain our competitive nature.

still bridge sponsorship levels

Thank you,

From everyone at ASCE-UCF!

Without sponsors as yourself, our student chapter would not be able accomplish the amazing things we do every year.

Our club is honored to receive the 2020-2021 Kathy J. Caldwell Student Chapter of the Year award, the Florida Chapter’s most prestigious award for a student Chapter.

We also had two student chapter officers win ASCE Florida Chapter awards; Student of the Year award and the Florida Chapter Outstanding Service Award.

We want to give a special thanks to all the companies who sponsored us as we hosted the 2020 Southeast Student Conference at the University of Central Florida. Although the conference was canceled after one 1 day due to COVID-19, it was an amazing experience.

Please fill out the form below and email it to ASCE.UCF@gmail.com. Either our Fundraiser chair, Sidnee Ryan, a representative from Concrete Canoe or a representative from Steel Bridge will contact you to discuss you sponsorship! If you want to host a general body meeting, our fundraising chair will help schedule a date.