What is ASCE?

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Chapter at the University of Central Florida is the largest engineering organization on campus. Our main goal is to ensure that our club properly prepares students for their professional careers. In order to further develop our members we have several events and competitions we participate in. Our biggest event is the ASCE annual student conference where we compete against other southeastern engineering schools for a chance to compete at the national level. As Civil Engineers we understand that our mission is to make the world a better place. Last year alone our members logged over 750 community service hours! This year we plan to continue with our high level of community involvement.

General Meetings

Our club meetings are held every other week in the evenings. We invite industry professionals to speak to students about engineering in the workforce, internships, resume building, networking, and much more. And as always, there is free food!

ASCE Membership

To become an official member please make sure to fill out an application and pay membership dues either during a meeting or to an officer in the ASCE office (Engineering I – Room 140). Membership includes an ASCE T-shirt, exclusive scholarships and internship opportunities, as well as access to attend the Southeastern Student Conference in March.

ASCE National Membership

Becoming an ASCE National Member is an important and necessary step to further your career and UCF membership by extending your network beyond the school boundaries and staying up to date with the latest technical information, government relations, and career resources. National Membership is required to participate in the Southeastern ASCE Conference and is free for students.

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