*Please allow 1-3 days for all email responses*

General Emails

Student Chapter: asce.ucf@gmail.com

Concrete Canoe: concretecanoe.ucf@gmail.com

Steel Bridge: steelbridge.ucf@gmail.com

Personal Emails

President – Abby Rains: asce.ucf.president@gmail.com

Vice President – Alejandro Sepulveda: asce.ucf.vp@gmail.com

Treasurer – Peter Beleran: asce.ucf.treasurer@gmail.com

Recruitment Chair – Sara Saloum: asce.ucf.recruitment@gmail.com

Fundraising Chair – Meredith Schooley: asce.ucf.fundraising@gmail.com

Marketing Chair – Edward Enrique Collazo Borges: asce.ucf.marketing@gmail.com

Community Service Chair – Aliyah Ramos: asce.ucf.community@gmail.com

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