Steel Bridge


Steel Bridge is a very work intensive project that involves the design and fabrication of a 20 foot long model structure that must be built to efficiently withstand 2,500 lbs of vertical load. On competition day, teams race to erect their bridge over a “river” as quickly as possible on a predetermined course. Steel Bridge is a great way to obtain structural analysis and design experience, master the welding of steel, or learn to work as a team by racing against your peers to compete on our Build Team! If Steel Bridge is something that interests you, come out to one of our meetings or contact us at: You can also join our channel on slack at: or visit us at our website:

Meet our Team

Our hardworking and dedicated captains are here to help you get involved and excel not only in Steel Bridge, but in your career! Reach out to our team if you have any questions, especially how to get involved in Steel Bridge and ASCE!

“Steel Bridge to me is a test of character and dedication; there is no better way to reveal your work ethic. You’ll be put in the company of good people that you’ll be able to call friends for life.”

Angel Sanchez
Head Captain

“The steel bridge team really grew on to me as another close family, have created many memories together with them.  The team also gave me a chance to grow and learn a lot more.”

Mariana Kerber
Head Captain

“It has been an absolute honor to be apart of and lead the UCF Steel Bridge Team. The experience I’ve been granted thanks to this project over the last 4 years has been invaluable in my personal and professional growth. I look forward to doing my part to ensure our team remains competitive and has the same impact on students as it has had for me.”

Chris Soto
Past Captain

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