Steel Bridge is one of the two large competitions we compete in every year at the ASCE Southeast Student Conference. It is a very work intensive project that involves the design and fabrication of a 20 foot long model structure that must be built to efficiently withstand 2,500 lbs. of vertical load.

On competition day, teams race to erect their bridge over a “river” as quickly as possible on a predetermined course. Steel Bridge is a great way to obtain structural analysis and design experience, master the welding of steel, or learn to work as a team by racing against your peers to compete on our Build Team!

If Steel Bridge is something that interests you, come out to one of our meetings or ask a Captain at a General Body Meeting. No experience is necessary to join and it’s a great way to get some hands on experience! You can also contact us via email, Instagram, our website, our GroupMe, or by joining our channel on Slack.