Welcome to the American Society of Civil Engineers University of Central Florida Student Chapter! Its our goal to provide our members with unparalleled professional development by partnering with both large and small companies in the Civil Engineering field to bring workplace experience to our University.

Every other week we hold general body meetings sponsored by a corporate partner. Representatives from these companies come to talk with our members about their experiences, life after college, career goals and choices, and much more!

Becoming a National Member

Becoming an ASCE National Member is an important and necessary step to further your career and UCF membership by extending your network beyond the school boundaries and staying up to date with the latest technical information, government relations, and career resources. National Membership is required to participate in the Southeastern ASCE Conference and is free for students.

Becoming a Member of ASCE-UCF

To become an official member of our student chapter, please fill out the following form as well as submit your $35 membership fee, which is good for the entire school year. Membership includes an ASCE T-shirt, exclusive scholarships and internship opportunities, as well as access to attend the Southeast Student Conference.

  • Steps to becoming an ASCE-UCF member

  • Fill out an ASCE National student membership form to get a FREE ASCE National student account. You will also receive an ASCE National member number. This number will be your ASCE-UCF ID number.

  • Fill out our ASCE-UCF Membership Form

  • Pay your membership dues before or after one of our general body meetings.

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If you have any questions about join ASCE-UCF please contact us.